The Salty Nerd Podcast

The Salty Nerd Podcast

A funny and irreverent look at movies, tv shows, and pop culture from a bunch of salty nerds. Every week the Salty Crew looks at different movies and TV shows, breaks down what makes them work (and what doesn't), and offers their smarty-pants opinions and commentary. Meant to be informative and entertaining, if you're looking for a fun, yet educational, podcast about movies, tv shows, and other stuff Hollywood pumps out, then be sure to check out The Salty Nerd Podcast!

Recent Episodes

SNP Weekly 131 - Mark Wahlberg Movies - Max Payne, Pain & Gain, The Happening

June 24, 2022

Mark Wahlberg makes every movie better! Except these movies. Be sure to say HI to your mother for me as we dive into three WICKED BAD WAHLBERG movies! If you like this content and want more of it, be sure to check out o…

Salty Nerd Interviews: Joe Flanigan - Stargate Atlantis & SEE Actor

June 22, 2022

In this funny and candid interview, the Salty Crew sits down with Commander John Sheppard himself, actor Joe Flanigan, to talk about his time on Stargate Atlantis, his relationship with Jason Momoa, his work on AppleTV's SEE…

Salty Nerd Reviews: Orphan Black - Conditions Of Existence (S1E5)

June 20, 2022

The plot thickens with Orphan Black as the clones figure out mysterious Monitors are spying on them, and these spies may be closer to them than they think! If you like this content and want the FULL retrospective review, …

SNP Weekly 130: June-Claude Van Damme Part 4: Death Warrant, Lionheart, Sudden Death

June 17, 2022

It's that time again for JUNE CLAUDE VAN DAMME! Yes, the show where the Salty Nerds celebrate all things Jean-Claude Van Damme related, including three of his awesome movies! This June, the Nerds discuss Death Warrant, Lio…


Salty Nerd Interviews: Jon Iver Helgaker - Creator Of Norsemen & Captain Fall

June 15, 2022

The Salty Nerds get to chat with the creator, head writer, and director of one of their all-time favorite TV shows - Norsemen. In this candid interview, John Iver Helgaker talks about the inspiration for a comedy show about…

Salty Nerd Reviews: Orphan Black - Variation Under Nature (S1E3)

June 13, 2022

The Nerds return to talk about the third episode of season 1 of Orphan Black, where things get crazy with a serial killer gunning for the clones. Though Alex and Vader are still not sure if they like the show that much. …

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About the Hosts

Alex Almony Profile Photo

Alex Almony

Host/Creator/Salty Nerd

The man with the golden voice, Alex was the master-mind behind the creation of the Salty Nerd Podcast, and is the frontman of the show.

MattVader Profile Photo


Barbarian Space Viking

MattVader is the man who keeps the discussions lively with his humorous interjections and salty takes on all the topics the Nerds discuss.

Jude JuJu Profile Photo

Jude JuJu

The Ambassador Of Estrogen

She’s the “Ambassador Of Estrogen” on the show, and gives a unique female perspective to the topics, while being entertaining and charming.

Matthew Kadish Profile Photo

Matthew Kadish

Frustrated Producer

Kadish wears many hats, producing the show and booking guests, while also directing and editing each episode. He’s also the resident film geek, whose job is to educate as well as entertain.