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The Salty Nerd Podcast

The Salty Nerd Podcast

A funny and irreverent look at movies, tv shows, and pop culture from a bunch of salty nerds. Every week the Salty Crew looks at different movies and TV shows, breaks down what makes them work (and what doesn't), and offers their smarty-pants opinions and commentary. Meant to be informative and entertaining, if you're looking for a fun, yet educational, podcast about movies, tv shows, and other stuff Hollywood pumps out, then be sure to check out The Salty Nerd Podcast!

Recent Episodes

Salty Nerd Reviews: AppleTV's Invasion Episode 9 - Full Of Stars

Dec. 8, 2021

The PENULTIMATE episode of Invasion has the Salty Nerds EXTRA salty about this ridiculous show, it's boring characters, slow storyline, and massive plot contrivances. They're especially upset by Invasion's climax essentiall…

SNP Weekly Shows

SNP Weekly 106: Brosnan Bond Week - Goldeneye, The World is Not Enough, Die Another Day

Dec. 3, 2021

Grab a martini and a girl in a bikini because this week the Salty Nerds are talking Bond, Brosnan Bond. What does the crew think of the 90s James Bond fillms with their terrible puns and giant freakin laser beams? Find out i…


Salty Nerd Reviews: AppleTV's Invasion Episode 8 - Contact

Dec. 1, 2021

Guess what everyone! Something actually happens this episode! Well, sort of. Actually... not really. Who cares anymore? Invasion is so bad that MattVader actually has to find new words to describe it! And we devolve in…

Salty Nerd Reviews: Ghostbusters Afterlife

Nov. 29, 2021

After a string of bad sequels/reboots, Ghostbusters has finally gotten a worthy successor with Ghostbusters Afterlife! The Salty Nerds came, saw, and teared up at this love-letter to the original fantasy adventure comedy th…


Salty Nerd Reviews: Foundation S1E10 - The Leap (Non-Spoiler Review)

Nov. 29, 2021

The season finale of AppleTV's Foundation is here! Jude returns to sprinkle some salt as a dye-in-the-wool book lover, but the other Nerds are pretty happy with the show. If you want the full spoiler-filled review of every…

SNP Weekly Shows

SNP Weekly 105: Horrible Holiday Horror - Thankskilling, Easter Bunny Kill Kill, & Santa's Slay

Nov. 26, 2021

Alex is away so the Salty Nerds decide to watch movies he'd normally never allow on the podcast and pay a dear, dear price for doing so. They choose three of the WORST holiday-themed horror movies possible, and end up regre…

Recent Blog Posts

Welcome To The Salty Nerd Website!

Hello Nerds! Welcome to the website for the Salty Nerd Podcast.  This is the "central hub" for all things Salty Nerd.  You can find all of our…

About the Hosts

Alex Almony

Host/Creator/Salty Nerd

The man with the golden voice, Alex was the master-mind behind the creation of the Salty Nerd Podcast, and is the frontman of the show.


Barbarian Space Viking

MattVader is the man who keeps the discussions lively with his humorous interjections and salty takes on all the topics the Nerds discuss.

Jude JuJu

The Ambassador Of Estrogen

She’s the “Ambassador Of Estrogen” on the show, and gives a unique female perspective to the topics, while being entertaining and charming.

Matthew Kadish

Frustrated Producer

Kadish wears many hats, producing the show and booking guests, while also directing and editing each episode. He’s also the resident film geek, whose job is to educate as well as entertain.