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Very good vibe

They make the things I love even more fun, with their honest and irreverent appreciation. Even when I don’t agree with their opinion. It’s important to hear different opinions, either to keep or change your own. To do it having fun, that’s really very nice.


Very nice, informative and, most all, a really good vibe.

Great group! Hilarious!

These guys have a great chemistry that leads to some hilarious conversations! I enjoy listening even when I’m not interested in the subject matter. And keep the cocktails flowing! Cheers!

Salty and Nerdy!

A great podcast that celebrates nerd culture in the best ways! The movie and show discussions are always fun and the gang clearly love to banter about their passions. A can’t miss podcast for the nerds, geeks, dorks, and weirdos who love pop culture!

A good group to listen to

Enjoyed the nerds and there discussions of worst movies of 2022.

Pretty good Podcast!

I love these people the way they talk about movies is the same way me and my friends do I find their jokes really funny if your a movie fan. Recommend this podcast if you’re driving.

Great show

Love this show found them randomly a little bit ago and have been binging old episodes since

Great podcast!

This is a great podcast to listen to! All four hosts have some great insights and also bring a funny charm to their reviews. Loved the Thing reviews, for both the original ‘50s film and the ‘80s film. That’s what cool is they’re willing to discuss movies from various genres and willing to talk about old movies too.

Always fun to listen

If you're into pop culture and like indeptyh discussions athat are actual discussions (not meely mouthed platitidues that won't offend) then this is the pod cast for you.

Love this show!

Discovered them recently and I must say they’re a blast!

Some pretty awesome points of view!

Down home, down to earth, tells it like it is.

Nerds rule!!

This group of people are a blast to hang out with and listen to. They encourage participation through the discord server time flies when listening to the podcast – never seems long enough give them a chance, and soon you’ll feel like family.


Funny stuff

Nerds nerds nerds!

This is the podcast for us

It's great mate!

Since discovering these guys after listening to another podcast solely about horror movies I've listened to every episode, many more than two or three times, they keep me company for a lot of my days off work. Judes synopsis' are perfection, the banter, bickering & bitching make it great fun to listen to. Get into it so this podcast doesn't disappear anytime soon!

Best crew out there!

Each episode is chicken soup for the soul. Legit can’t get enough of this crew. Love it.

Salty Nerd is a must stop & listen!

What a cast of characters. Enjoyed every show so far even when I don’t know anything about the topic. Slap on Salty Nerd & take a ride!!! Keep up the great work y’all!

Like Hanging out with friends

The Salty Nerd Podcast is 4 nerds just talking and having fun talking about nerd movies and shows. They not an outrage channle or a superfan channle gussing about everything, Instead they are much more real giving their oppion and they dont always agree and usaly thats when they are at their best when the table is split.


Met them in person. Can vouch...

Salty & Sweet

The cast combines an awesome knowledge of nerd culture and humor to create a very entertaining podcast that you will look forward to seeing the second new episodes drop.

Awesome dudes and great podcast!

Love the energy from this group of lovely people, awesome podcast.

Fun & Entertaining

Insight, laughs, and overall a good listen. I recommend the Horrible Holiday Horror Movies for a good laugh. Gobble Gobble

My Doctor Warned Me About Salt

I found the Salty Nerd Podcast about 6 months ago. Due to working from home I have the unique opportunity to listen to podcasts while I work. My favorite is the Salty Nerds. They cover many of my favorite TV shows and movies. As I listen it feels like I am sitting in the room participating in the conversation. Their content is entertaining, informative, and spot on. I sincerely recommend it. Special shoutouts to Jude, Matt, and Alex who all have the courage to face Vader each day. You all keep me company during these strange days of having no co workers to hang out with . Sincerely Anthony0358 on twitter

Great group!

These guys have a great chemistry that leads to some hilarious conversations! I enjoy listening even when I’m not interested in the subject matter. And keep the cocktails flowing! Cheers!

I love the Salty Nerd Crew!

Such a fun podcast, love Alex, Vader, Jude, & Kadish! Always enjoy their reviews, they make me want to watch everything they talk about. They make a ton of content & treat their fans great!

Nothing nerdy about this

Fascinating, knowledgeable and insightful look into the world of entertainment and movies. Love the hosts!!!

They'll leave you gasping for air and twisted in Giggles

Just keep these guys away from a Caveman movie, and its all family friendly. A current year freaky analysis of Pop Culture old and new. The Galaxy Quest of Live Podcasts.

Absolutely Terrible

These guys are such neeeerrrrrddddssss. I don’t even know which Matthew is which. The main dude is barely on the YouTubes. The lady is cool, but drinks too much wine & should learn how to share. I side with Mangold. 5 stars means bad, right?

My own personal nerd culture crew

It’s like listening to a bunch of overly informed drama nerds who had no place left to go after graduating high school and being kicked out of the school auditorium. Each episode sets the bar higher as they really get into their groove. You can tell they love doing this.

Great podcast!

The Salty Nerd Podcast is one of the best entertainment podcast in the game!