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Back in Hollywood!!!

It’s good banter to get you through long shifts at work... keep up the good work!


Enjoy the pod. Solid work - The Morning Geekdom


I feel like Mattvader is such a big part of this cast with his subtle mhms and agreeing to things. Also he definitely needs to talk more his voice just fits the podcast!


The Salty Nerd Podcast is one of the greatest Film/TV I’ve ever heard.

Real Grit

If you like your podcast to get to the point offering you real grit and insight without all the fast forward fluff, tune in to the Salty Nerd Podcast. The SNP is an honest discussion of films, inspiration and state of movie affairs as it pertains to other self categorized salty-nerds of the various genres. My favorite is his ‘influences’ series which has a co-host that is uber knowledgeable about film under this category. Together they go deep into pop cultural influences and it’s a great listen. I highly recommend it.

A podcast for fans by fans.

I really enjoy listening to Salty and his hosts. You can tell they are passionate about the topics and truly enjoy making the shgow. Its fun and I even learn some things from time to time. Keep up the great work.


Regular guys who love movies and are totally relatable. Give it a shot.