Doctor Who The Girl In The Fireplace Review & Recap | These French Robots Are Scary!

The Salty Nerds review Doctor Who The Girl In The Fireplace, in all its clockwork android freaky-deaky goodness!

The Doctor and his friends visit an abandoned spaceship to find Time Windows to 19th century France and a hot blonde chick named Madame de Pompodour who gets the Doctor's juices flowing. But there's little time for romance as creepy French-looking robots try to harvest her brain in order to fix their stranded spaceship!

This is the second of the Salty Nerds' Doctor Who retrospective. If you'd like to watch their full breakdown of this episode, along with the other Doctor Who videos they've done, become a member of the Salty Club at:

What did you think of The Girl In The Fireplace? How creepy were those robots? What is your favorite Doctor Who episode? Let us know in the comments!


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