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Salty Nerd Interviews: Jon Iver Helgaker - Creator Of Norsemen & Captain Fall

The Salty Nerds get to chat with the creator, head writer, and director of one of their all-time favorite TV shows - Norsemen. In this candid interview, John Iver Helgaker talks about the inspiration for a comedy show about Vikings, how to write dark...


Salty Nerd Interviews: SEE's Showrunner & Head Writer - Jonathan Tropper

Somehow the Salty Nerds convinced the head producer, showrunner, & lead writer of one of their favorite TV shows to sit down with them and answer all their questions! In this epic interview, the Nerds speak with Jonathan Tropper, the man behind TV...


Salty Nerd Interviews: Christian Camargo, SEE's Tamacti Jun!

The Salty Nerds get a real life big-time American actor to come on their show - Christian Camargo, who plays the Witchfinder General, Tamacti Jun, on AppleTV's original series SEE. Christian was kind enough to take an hour out of his busy shooting...