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Our episodes about AppleTV's Foundation series.

Salty Nerd Reviews: Foundation S1E10 - The Leap (Non-Spoiler Review)

The season finale of AppleTV's Foundation is here! Jude returns to sprinkle some salt as a dye-in-the-wool book lover, but the other Nerds are pretty happy with the show. If you want the full spoiler-filled review of every episode this season, be...


Salty Nerd Reviews: Foundation S1E9 - The First Crisis (Non-Spoiler Review)

In this PENULTIMATE episode of the epic sci-fi drama Foundation, we're coming to the endgame. The drama on Terminus between the Anacreons, Thespins, and the Foundation comes to a shocking climax as the secrets of The Vault are finally revealed. And...


Salty Nerd Reviews: Foundation S1E8 - The Missing Piece (Non-Spoiler Review)

The Salty Nerds talk about the eighth episode of AppleTV's Foundation, which has 1 great storyline, one okay storyline, and one awful storyline. But which is which? If you want to know the answer, check out the members area at:...


Salty Nerd Reviews: Foundation S1E7 - Mysteries and Martyrs (Non-Spoiler Review)

The Salty Nerds give their non-spoiler take on episode 7 of AppleTV's Foundation series, which they all think might be the best episode of the show yet! If you would like to hear the full hour-long spoiler breakdown of this episode, you can get it in...


Salty Nerd Reviews: Foundation S1E6 - Death and the Maiden (Non Spoiler Review)

Foundation S1E6 Non Spoiler Review from the Salty Nerds has them breaking down Death and the Maiden. In this episode, we see Brother Day journey to the homeworld of the Luminous religion. We see Brother Dawn hunt some gillyraptors. And Salvor takes...