Nov. 2, 2022

Salty Nerd Reviews: The Head Hunter (2018)

Salty Nerd Reviews: The Head Hunter (2018)

The Head Hunter movie review by the Salty Nerds has them freaking out over how awesome and creative this fantasy horror movie is, considering it was made for only $30,000.  

From writer/director Jordan Downey, the creator of the Thankskilling movies, we follow the trials and tribulations of The Father, a lone warrior obsessed with avenging the death of his daughter as he uses alchemy to help him fight and kill a multitude of monsters, searching for the beast who killed his little girl.  Part Vikings, part The Witcher, and part Evil Dead, this movie is a tour-de-force by Norwegian actor Christopher Rygh and showcases a huge amount of creativity and ingenuity for a truly enjoyable independent film that is definitely worth checking out.  

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