Dec. 1, 2021

Welcome To The Salty Nerd Website!

Hello Nerds!

Welcome to the website for the Salty Nerd Podcast.  This is the "central hub" for all things Salty Nerd.  You can find all of our podcast episodes AND videos here, as well as information about the hosts, articles, and TONS of other stuff!  (Cool stuff!)

Please feel free to explore the site, leave us a voicemail, sign up for our newsletter (where you can get a bunch of exclusive podcast episodes not available anywhere else), and leave us a review!

And be sure to check back often as we'll be updating the site with lots of news and information.  And if you like the show and want more of it, be sure to check out our members area where we post even MORE exclusive content, like deep-dive TV episode breakdowns, Q&A sessions, outtakes/bloopers, comedy sketches, and a host of other neat stuff we reserve for the people who give us money!

Stay salty, my friends.