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The Salty Nerd Podcast

Podcast Episodes

SNP Weekly 39 - Monsters & Robots Edition: Chopping Mall, Monster Squad, Godzilla 98

This episodes tackles movies about "Monsters & Robots," focusing on the cult classics Chopping Mall, Monster Squad, & Godzilla '98.

Salty Nerd Reviews: Killing Gunther

The Salty Nerds brush up on their assassin skills to review the action/comedy Killing Gunther - which is like John Wick meets The Office.

SNP Weekly 38 - "Merica" Edition: Team America, Independence Day, Captain America

The Salty Nerds celebrate July 4th by reviewing their favorite patriotic movies - Team America, Independence Day, & Captain America: The First Avenger!

Salty Nerd Reviews: What We Do In The Shadows Season 2

The Salty Nerds does a full season review for the second season of FX's Vampire Comedy, What We Do In The Shadows!

SNP Weekly 37 - June Claude Van Damme Edition: Hard Target, Street Fighter, & Amazon's Jean-Claude Van Johnson

The Salty Nerds discuss some of Jean-Claude Van Damme's biggest movies from the 90s, including Hard Target & Street Fighter, as well as his hilarious TV show Jean-Claude Van Johnson!

Salty Nerd Reviews: Captive State

The Salty Nerds review the little-known sci-fi thriller Captive State & how it relates to current events.

SNP Weekly 36 - June Claud Van Damme Edition: BloodSport, Universal Soldier, & TimeCop!

The Salty Nerds discuss Jean Claud Van Damme's three most popular movies - Bloodsport, Universal Soldier, & Timecop!

SNP Weekly 35 - Jurassic June Edition Part 2: Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom, Battle at Big Rock

Wrapping up "Jurassic June", the Salty Nerds talk about Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom, and the Jurassic World short film Battle at Big Rock.

Salty Nerd Reviews: The (Non-Snyder Cut) Justice League

The Salty Nerds review the theatrical cut of The Justice League and speculate on how it will change for The Snyder Cut

SNP Weekly 34 - Jurassic June Edition: The Jurassic Park Trilogy

The Salty Nerds talk about one of Alex's favorite franchises - the Jurassic Park Trilogy! We break down all three of the original Jurassic Park movies and talk about both the good and the bad! Perfect for dinosaur fans!

SNP Weekly 33 - Star Wars Edition: The Sequel Trilogy

In this episode, the Salty Nerds debate the merits of Disney's Sequel Trilogy for Star Wars, and things get heated!

Salty Nerd Reviews: Upload (Amazon Prime Original Series)

The Salty Nerds upgrade their plan for the digital afterlife and review the first season of the Amazon Prime original comedy series, Upload.

SNP Weekly 32 - Star Wars Edition: The Original Trilogy

The Salty Nerds talk about the original Star Wars trilogy, why it's stood the test of time, and what influenced George Lucas in its creation.

SNP Weekly 31 - Star Wars Edition: Clone Wars, Solo, and Rogue One

As we continue our Star Wars month celebration, we talk about the Star Wars Spin-Offs, including: The Clone Wars, Solo, and Rogue One.

SNP Westworld Edition: S3E8 "Crisis Theory" - Season 3 Finale Discussion

In this episode, the Salty Nerds break down the season 3 finale of Westworld & discusses theories for season 4.

SNP Westworld Edition: S3E7 "Passed Pawn" Discussion

The Salty Nerds talk about the penultimate episode of season 3 of HBO's Westworld, and share their theories for the finale.

SNP Weekly 30 - Star Wars Edition: The Prequel Trilogy

The Salty Nerds discuss Episodes I, II, and III of the Star Wars films, share their personal experiences with the movies, and dive into their reviews of each film.

Salty Nerd Reviews: Netflix's Extraction With Chris Hemsworth

The Salty Nerds discuss the Netflix original film "Extraction" starring Chris Hemsworth.

SNP Weekly 29 - Retro Rewatch: Angry Red Planet, Tango & Cash, Night of the Comet, & Escape From New York

The Nerds get nostalgic for some awesome vintage movies and talk about Angry Red Planet, Tango & Cash, Night of the Comet, and Escape From New York!

SNP Weekly 28 - Westworld Edition: S3E6 - "The Dolorians"

A focused discussion about episode 6 of season 3 of HBO's Westworld.

SNP Weekly 27: Code 8 review, Spenser Confidential review, Westworld S3E5, & Tiger King Bonus Episode

The Salty Nerds review & discuss the Netflix originals Spenser Confidential and Code 8, plus a rundown of Westworld season 3 episode 5, the Tiger King bonus episode, and discussion of Dune 2020 and Doctor Strange 2!

SNP Weekly 26: What We Do In The Shadows Season 1 Review, Westworld S3E4, & Listener Questions

The Salty Nerds talk about FX's What We Do In The Shadows, break down episode 4 of Westworld Season 3, & answer listener questions.

SNP Weekly 25: Tiger King Full Season Review, Westworld S3E3, & Star Trek Picard Finale Review

Targeted discussion about Netflix's docudrama Tiger King, Westworld, and the entire first season of Star Trek Picard.

SNP Weekly 24: Avenue 5 Season 1 recap, Westworld S3E2, Quarantine Watchlists, & Star Trek Picard S1E9

The Salty Nerds discuss the first season of HBO's Avenue 5, episode 2 of Westworld, the penultimate episode of Star Trek Picard, and recommendations for what to watch while stuck in coronavirus quarantine.