Oct. 25, 2022

Vincenzo Natali Week: Cabinet Of Curiosities - Graveyard Rats

Vincenzo Natali Week: Cabinet Of Curiosities - Graveyard Rats

The Netflix Series Cabinet of Curiosities from Guillermo Del Toro is upon us!  An anthology show with eight terrifying episodes of the macabre, and the Salty Nerds are reviewing episode 2, entitle Graveyard Rats.  Based on the short story from pulp novelist Henry Kuttner, this entry is from filmmaker Vincenzo Natali and stars David Hewlett as a cemetery caretaker who battles a rat infestation that may be caused by something much more nefarious and supernatural than at first believed.  This is a great horror show for a horror podcast and horror fans.  Don't miss out on this spooky tale with heavy ties to the C'thulhu mythos!

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