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The Salty Nerd Podcast 29: Retro Rewatch - Tango & Cash, Escape From New York, Night of the Comet

In this episode of the Salty Nerd Podcast, the Salty Crew discusses some of their favorite movies from the 80s - and one from the 60s. First up is The Angry Red Planet, chosen by Salty himself for no particular reason and to the massive disappointment of his crew. Next, Mathew Kadish chose Tango & Cash, the last great buddy cop movie of the 80s. Jude chose a nostalgic sci-fi movie from her childhood, The Night of The Comet (watch out for Teenage Comet Zombies and a Star Trek Voyager Cameo!). Finally, MattVader chose the classic dystopian John Carpenter film Escape From New York. Come listen to our takes on these classic (and not-so-classic) movies on this episode of the RETRO REWATCH!


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