Peacemaker Review Episodes 1-3 - Does This Show Suck?

Peacemaker Review of Episodes 1-3 by the Salty Nerds has them debating hard as to whether this show is brilliant or simply awful.

Alex is definitely alone on his hill as he maligns this John Cena superhero show, picking up where James Gunn's The Suicide Squad left off, with Peacemaker recovering from injuries and a new team assigned to handle him.

HBOMax dropped the first three episodes of the new Peacemaker tv series (all written and directed by James Gunn), so the Salty Nerds decided to review all three at once! And they wished they could have binged the whole series for very different reasons.

In their Peacemaker breakdown of the first three episodes, the talk about all the funny moments, all the dark moments, and all the cringe moments of this quirky DC Universe show (including making Bat Mite cannon!).

What was your Peacemaker Review? Did you like it? Hate it? Did it have you laughing hysterically or did you hate it as much as Alex did? Let us know in the comments!

0:00 - Introduction
2:15 - Peacemaker Episode 1 Review
23:32 - Peacemaker Episode 2 Review
37:35 - Peacemaker Episode 3 Review


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