Caveman Movies - 10,000 BC, Clan of the Cave Bear, Quest For Fire

The Salty Nerds review Caveman movies for MattVader's birthday, have an awful time watching the movies, but a fantastic time talking about them!

First up is 10,000 BC, the Roland Emmerich epic about the guy from The Expanse looking for his blue-eyed girlfriend while fighting prehistoric chickens.

Next is Clan of the Cave Bear, the prehistoric feminist girl-power tale of Daryl Hannah overcoming her ugliness so she can be accepted by her tribe.

Finally, the Nerds discuss Quest for Fire - the movie where Ron Pearlman doesn't need make-up to look like a caveman as he and his buddies roam around looking for fire and learning new lovemaking positions.

This is an episode so raunchy, it could get the Salty Nerds banned from YouTube! So don't miss out!

What did you think of these movies? What's your favorite Caveman film? Did the Salty Nerds go too far in this episode? Let us know in the comments!

0:00 Introduction
1:40 10,000 BC Review
35:54 Clan of the Cave Bear Review
1:20:30 Quest For Fire Review


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