Buck Rogers - Space Vampire Review (S1E14) - Worst Vampire Ever?

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century Space Vampire Review has the Salty Nerds marveling over how goofy the Vorvon villain is, and wondering why the show just didn't call him the "Unibrowpire"?

In this episode, Buck and Wilma are on their way to a sexy vacation getaway, but when they stop at a space station to drop off Twiki, they find themselves quarantined and fighting an army of "mostly dead" zombies and a weird looking Space Vampire that has the hots for Wilma. Buck must use all of his 20th century "Big Buck Energy" to stop this formidable alien before he can run away with Buck's woman.

What did you think of the Space Vampire episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century? Did you love it? Hate it? Did you spot the camel toe? Let us know in the comments!

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