Sept. 3, 2022

Tremors Week: Tremors 3 - Back To Perfection (2001)

Tremors Week: Tremors 3 - Back To Perfection (2001)
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Tremors 3 Back To Perfection movie review from the Salty Nerds has them liking this Tremors sequel a little better than the second film, but not by much.  

By this point in the Tremors franchise, Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are nowhere to be found, so Michael Gross steps up to the plate as his character Burt Gummer is now the main character of the series.  We return to the small town of Perfection Nevada where many of the original actors from the first Tremors film reprise their roles, albeit 11 years later.  This time, the Graboids return, but evolve yet AGAIN into a new form that is better than the Shriekers from the second movie, but with an even more ridiculous name.  

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