April 28, 2023

Super Mario Bros. & The Curse Of Video Game Adaptations

Super Mario Bros. & The Curse Of Video Game Adaptations
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The Video Game Adaptation Curse is a real thing, because Hollywood is stupid. Apparently, it's impossible for Hollywood creatives to take a great video game's story and just make a live action version of it. No, they have to ruin it by putting all their dumb ideas into what should be a straight-forward adaptation. But things are starting to change! There's actually a video game adaptation renaissance going on right now, with the release of Super Mario Bros and a string of actually GOOD video game movies. WTF is going on? The Salty Nerds weigh in with their thoughts. And we want to know your thoughts too! What is your favorite video game adaptation? Why does Hollywood get it so wrong so often? What video game should get the big screen treatment? Let us know on our Discord server: http://www.saltynerddiscord.com/

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