May 4, 2023

Salty Nerds Rewatch: Warrior Season 1 Episodes 9-10

Salty Nerds Rewatch: Warrior Season 1 Episodes 9-10
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The Salty Nerds talk about the epic final two episodes of Season 1 of the incredible HBOMAX series, Warrior. Episodes 9 & 10, entitled Chinese Boxing and If You Have To Bow, Bow Low, pay off all the epic story threads of the Tong War and the San Francisco labor clashes that had been building up all season long. Ah Sahm gets demolished in a brutal duel, but finds new purpose just in time to face off with Dylan Leary! You aren't going to want to miss this epic season 1 discussion by the nerds! Oh, and showrunner Johnathan Tropper sends the Nerds an Instagram DM telling them everything they got wrong about their retrospective recap reviews. This is a message not to be missed! What did you think about the final two episodes of season 1? Did you love it? Hate it? Are you looking forward to season 2? Let us know on our Discord server:

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