Oct. 13, 2022

Salty Nerds Review: SEE - God Thunder (S3E7)

Salty Nerds Review: SEE - God Thunder (S3E7)

SEE Season 3 Episode 7 God Thunder review from the Salty Nerds has them feeling very sad that their favorite TV show is almost over, but also very happy that the show is as ridiculous as ever.  

Sybeth and Tormada launch their attack on Pensa as a helpless (and useless) Kofun looks on.  Bobba and crew arrive just in time to see the palace destroyed, but don't worry, no one important actually died in the ruthless bombing of the city.  Mahgra realizes she's a terrible queen and Harlan's last gift to Haniwa ensures that the citizes of his city might just survive.  And never one to back down from a fight, Bobba Voss gets geared up and readies himself to take on Sybeth with the help of his old friend Poopbeard.  

What did you think of SEE's PENULTIMATE episode?  Are you excited for the finale?  Who do you think is going to die?  How will the series end?  Can we get at least 1 more Haka dance before it's all over?  Let us know in our Discord server!  You can join it for free here:  http://www.saltynerddiscord.com  

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