Sept. 8, 2022

Salty Nerd Reviews: SEE - Watch Out For Wolves (S3E2)

Salty Nerd Reviews: SEE - Watch Out For Wolves (S3E2)

The Salty Nerds have a bone to pick with the second episode of season 3 of AppleTV's Jason Momoa series SEE.  Actually, several bones as the show slides back into season 1 levels of glorious ridiculousness.  Kofun is still being a terrible father, Haniwa is being annoying, Boba Voss smells like poop, Maghra is the worst Queen ever, and Sybeth is back on the loose for no apparent reason.  Oh, and the guards in Pensa are the absolute worst.

But you know what?  The show is still a ton of fun and the Nerds can't wait to talk about it!  What are you thinking of Season 3 of SEE so far?  Let us know in our Discord chat -

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