Sept. 29, 2022

Salty Nerd Reviews: SEE - The House Of Enlightenment (S3E5)

Salty Nerd Reviews: SEE - The House Of Enlightenment (S3E5)

CHET CHET everyone!  We are back at the good old House of Enlightenment for a fun little siege, all set to the dulcet tunes of Guns & Roses "Welcome To The Jungle."  

Sybeth is back and this time she's making all the disgruntled Witchfinders forget about the fact that she destroyed their homes and killed their families, and instead enlists them back in her service with the simple argument that "She's their queen!"  Yas Queen.  Yas.  

Then Tormada shows up at the House of Enlightenment to get his bombs and finds Boba Voss and crew there instead.  Turns out, Boba and the three sighted people with him now have access to a TON of guns that they simply don't use, and Tormada is able to escape with all the bombs they originally went there to destroy.  This is yet another awesomely bad episode of SEE and we can't wait to talk about it!  

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