Oct. 20, 2022

Salty Nerd Reviews: SEE - I See You (S3E8 Series Finale)

Salty Nerd Reviews: SEE - I See You (S3E8 Series Finale)

The last ever episode of SEE, Jason Momoa's fantasy AppleTV series, is finally here!  It's been a long ride with this show about a future where everyone is blind, and the Salty Nerds are sad to see it go, but also glad that they won't have to deal with its ridiculousness anymore.  

In this series finale, Boba Voss and Ranger assault Sybeth's camp and murder a ton of Trevantians.  Meanwhile, the greatest Ayura ever can hear the Pensans escaping underground, so Sybeth starts bombing the city again until Mahgra and her crew show up to save the day.  There's lots of explosions and all the loose-threads are tied up.  Oh, and Kofun is still terrible.  

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