March 10, 2023

Salty Nerd Reviews: John Wick (2014)

Salty Nerd Reviews: John Wick (2014)

John Wick 2014 movie review by the Salty Nerds lets you know what happens when you kill a man's dog.  We have no sympathy for the bad guys in the beginning of this Keanu Reeves action franchise that started off as a sleeper film that grew into a world-wide phenomenon.  

With John Wick Chapter 4 looming on the horizon, the Salty Nerds decided to take a look at the OG John Wick and revisit all its awesomeness.  Alfie Allen plays the lithesome Russian gangster dog killer.  Willem Dafoe plays Wick's guardian angel.  John Leguizamo makes a cameo.  Adrianne Palicki breaks the rules.  And Ian McShane and Lance Reddick are the hosts of New York's finest criminal underworld hotel - The Continental - where business cannot be conducted.  

Written by Derek Kolstad and directed by Keanu's stuntman, Chad Stahelski (and David Leitch), John Wick revolutionized how close quarters combat was done in movies, and also introduced the world to "gun fu" in a far better way than that dumb movie Equilibrium.  

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