Sept. 21, 2022

Recall Week: Total Recall (1990)

Recall Week: Total Recall (1990)

Total Recall 1990 movie review from the Salty Nerds has them all wanting to get their ass to Mars so they can unlock ancient alien artifacts and party with three-tittied hookers.  After all, they got 5 kids to feed!  

Based on the Philip K. Dick short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, Total Recall marks the only collaboration between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Paul Verhoeven, and it's glorious to behold.  Also starring a very sexy Sharon Stone, as well as Michael Ironside and Ronny Cox, Total Recall is the tale of a lowly construction worker named Quaid whose visit to the memory implant facility of Recall goes horribly wrong, and now his wife is trying to kill him and he has to go to Mars to uncover the mystery surrounding his true identity.  But are the harrowing events really happening, or are they all part of a psychotic delusion brought upon by a botched Recall procedure?  

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