Aug. 3, 2022

Mel Gibson Week - Apocalypto (2006)

Mel Gibson Week - Apocalypto (2006)

Apocalypto movie review from the Salty Nerds has them becoming history buffs in order to understand this "foreign film" by Mel Gibson.

Apocalypto is the story of Jaguar Paw and his quest to save his family after a brutal Mayan warband invades his village and captures him and his friends to be taken back to their city to be sold off as slaves and given up for human sacrifice.  Jaguar Paw escapes and is then pursued by the ruthless band of Mayan Warriors and must use his wits and experience in the jungle to get back to his pregnant wife before she drowns in the massive ground cave that he hid her in.

This Apocalypto analysis has the Salty Nerds split because some think this movie is brilliant and the Apocalypto reaction from others is that it's too brutal and not fun to watch at all.  (And some of the Salty Nerds just hate reading subtitles!)  As with all Mel Gibson films, the historical accuracy of this epic South America tale of rainforest survival is in question, but Mel has never let little things like "history" get in the way of a good story!

What is your Apocalypto review?  Did you love it?  Hate it?  Did it make you squirm?  This is one movie review podcast you won't want to miss!  And be sure to let others know about our little film review podcast by leaving us a 5-star rating and telling your friends about the Salty Nerds!

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