Aug. 19, 2022

Horror Sequels Go To Space: Jason X (2001)

Horror Sequels Go To Space: Jason X (2001)

The Jason X Movie Review from the Salty Nerds has them marveling at the sheer camp of the tenth entry into the Friday The 13th franchise.  So if you want to smoke some weed and have premarital sex, this is the movie for you!  Sort of.  

Jason Voorhees has escaped from the Crystal Lake Research Facility and gets cryogenically frozen, only to be awoken 500 years later.  After killing a bunch of horny space teenagers and space marines, Jason gets beat up by an "uploaded" android.  But a bunch of nano-ants give him an upgrade to UBER JASON and now he's pretty much unstoppable.  

This is the final time Kane Hodder plays Jason Voorhees, and this movie also stars Lexa Doig, Peter Mensah, and even has a cameo from filmmaker David Cronenberg.  If you thought horror couldn't get any sillier, wait until you see Jason X - one scene in particular is laugh-out-loud funny.  

Though we're not a horror movie podcast, we do like to review horror films, ESPECIALLY the campy ones!  Come check out our review of Friday The 13th part 10 (or Jason X, because New Line couldn't legally use the title Friday the 13th) and laugh along with us!  

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